Romantic Rialto Bridge proposal with MaeVona

August 04, 2017

Romantic Rialto Bridge proposal with MaeVona

So I have a confession to make before I share this story...I love bridge proposals. I got engaged on a bridge (on the Charles River, Harvard, USA), and my parents got engaged on a bridge (Pentland Hills, Scotland) and I think the symbolism of two people in love coming together on a bridge between two lives, joining their pasts and futures, is just about as poignant and romantic as you can get! 

romantic bridge proposal

This proposal is also on my hotlist - probably anyone's! - of #ProposalGoals as it was in Italy. To be honest I was delighted to get engaged in Harvard, but growing up I always dreamt I would get engaged in Italy. The history! The architecture! The fashion! The food! And my big brother (who has always done cool stuff I want to do, before I can do it!) proposed in Italy himself, to just about the perfect woman ever, who I can now happily report is my sister in law. 

So on to today's perfect couple - many congratulations to @helenifie and @j___ro! Helen is the lovely lady here modelling her beautiful new Edinburgh ring (one of my all-time favourite designs, named after my home city!) set with an heirloom diamond that belonged to her fiancé's family. How fantastic is that!? I love when couples blend old and new, history and future. 

Can we talk about how beautiful Venice is?! I have often visited the Vicenza jewellery show and enjoyed Venice in the winter (freezing, no tourists) and in the summer (boiling, so many tourists you can't see the pavements!) I think I might be feeling as excited for Helen that she got engaged there as she was to actually be proposed there! This is the best part of my job - (is it a job when you love what you do?!) - to hear the real life stories of happy customers who chose a MaeVona ring to represent their style, story and partnership. It's such an honour, and it feels that way every time for me - ever since the first ring we made in 2005. 

I believe that all engagement rings carry a story, starting from the very day you first choose and order it, then receive it and first wear it...and on through your lives together, to a new home, world travels, to family, holidays, through thick and thin. It stands as a talisman and testament to all you have experienced. 

I'm also honoured Helen got a MaeVona ring as she is also a creative person herself, working in fashion in New York City for one of the world's most successful fashion brands, alongside a dear school friend of mine who also works there and wears a MaeVona ring... there may now officially be more custom MaeVona worn on 42nd Street than any other engagement ring company 😀

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