Welcome to MaeVona UK!

August 30, 2017

Welcome to MaeVona UK!

Dear fellow sparkle lovers...

Welcome to our new baby, MaeVona UK: our very first UK-dedicated website!

After the last decade as a market-leading American designer engagement ring brand, I wanted to bring our designs home. As all MaeVona rings are inspired by the beauty of Scotland and my Celtic heritage, it's only fitting that we live here too!

Now you can view, try and buy direct on our UK website (and see all our prices in Pounds!) without having to take a trip into another time zone. For although it is true that the world is a small place these days and the internet is everywhere, we often find that when you want to get in touch, our HQ in New York is asleep (as much as anyone ever is, in the city that never sleeps!)

So, what are we doing to celebrate? Well, our FREE MOISSANITE promotion is just about the most exciting offer EVER! This option is now available on EVERY RING, and it allows you to basically buy a fully permanent, proposal-ready ring from our designer collections, for the price of ONLY the RING! Yes, we love you. We really do!

So what is Moissanite? It's a top quality diamond alternative, made from silicon carbide, which has almost identical durability and sparkle to diamonds. Although they can cost hundreds of pounds depending on the size, we decided to include our Moissanite COMPLETELY FREE, as part of our mission to make our designer engagement rings affordable for everyone who loves them – including those whose budget might not accommodate a diamond centre stone. Our Moissanite comes exclusively from the world's leading manufacturer, Charles & Colvard as their stones are cut perfectly and sparkle more beautifully than any other. Thanks to moissanite's hardness , it's a great long-term option, as well as being a good choice for those of you on a budget who might wish to upgrade to a diamond later.

If you want a traditional diamond instead, we offer GIA-certified stones in every ring - to see the price just click the 'Certified Diamond' option after choosing your desired centre stone size.

We also offer laboratory-created diamonds as a third option. Interested in eco-friendly, Fairtrade and technological alternatives? This could be the option for you. These stones match certified diamonds in every way, except on price (about 30% less) and on how they are made (grown in a laboratory instead of mined from the ground) We work with Diamond Foundry, the only diamond growing company in California, who count Leonardo DiCaprio among their investors. As Leo says, 

"I’m proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc. – cultivating real diamonds in America without the human & environmental toll of mining."

So, browse our collections now! Or get social with us on Instagram or Facebook. Check out what other couples have chosen in our Customer Stories. Let us know what you think! Call or email us for more information, to discuss something you don't see, or to ask about a custom one-of-a-kind design. We look forward to hearing from you!

Maeve xox

Founder & Designer, MaeVona

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