Ring Buying Guide


Meavona ring buying guide

When you are choosing a ring that will wear for the rest of your life, where do you start?! It’s overwhelming to look online, in stores and magazines. Often the first ring you pick out will be the start of a long search which will bring you back full circle to the first ring you saw. You might feel you want something ‘different’ – but how different do you want to be with a ring that you will look at day in, day out? At MaeVona we believe that the perfect solution is to be MODERN CLASSIC. Everything Maeve creates is fresh and different, but also classic enough that you can imagine wearing it with every outfit, on every occasion, every day. None of our rings are ‘cut and paste’ like so many rings you will see when shopping – where the basic 4 or 6 claw setting is literally stuck on top of a pre-made shank. Instead, we take every detail into account. What will be the most comfortable band shape? What claws will accentuate the centre stone without overwhelming it, and still be practical and protect your diamond daily? What tapering, accent diamonds, metal engraving or other feature will enhance the beauty of the ring to make it feel special?

So, all you have to do, is browse and choose your favourite style. Not only are our rings created by a genuine, talented artist and designer with a unique heritage that inspires all she creates, and different to all the other engagement rings you will see, they are also quite unique to each other – no two look the same. They are also each named after individual Scottish islands, towns and wildflowers that inspired Maeve as she designed them. Many of our customers love to visit the place their ring is named after – sometimes even for honeymoon!

Still not sure?! Then use our Try At Home service – we send you 3 ring samples to try at home and share with your friends and family for 3 days. It really does help to see them on your finger, looking exactly as the real thing does. Take plenty #ringselfies! Then simply pop them back in the prepaid return box and let us know which is the ring for you! Call us on 01983 567283 or email info@maevona.co.uk to request the Try At Home service today.

Sometimes it really helps to talk your options through with our Designer Maeve in person. Maybe you would like a custom design or added detailing, or a stone shape you don’t see on our site? Whatever you need to make your dream Designer ring possible – that is what we love to do. Go ahead and contact us today! Call us on 01983 567283 or email info@maevona.co.uk


wedding ring guide

At MaeVona we offer 'dedicated' wedding bands - unique styles that flush-fit our engagement rings and feature design details that perfectly match the engagement ring. Every ring is also comfort fit - rounded on the inside - which can really help your ring stay comfortable for a lifetime.

When designing wedding rings, I always think about how the complete set will look when worn together. The wedding ring can change the look of your engagement ring, changing the set from vintage to modern or delicate to chunky. The perfect wedding ring in my opinion is the right 'visual weight' to compliment and enhance yet not overpower the engagement ring.

I'm also a believer in being able to wear your wedding ring alone for travel, gardening, sports etc - so I always make the band practical (no scratchy claws or tiny diamonds around the back to get knocked out!), and make sure it looks just as elegant by itself.

If you are involved in the process of choosing your engagement ring, and you intend to wear a wedding band next to your engagement ring, it can help to try both before you choose either, as the way the set looks together can change how you feel about the choices available for both rings. Often you might not feel ready to do this though, and that's fine too. There's a perfect wedding ring for every engagement ring!