Our Centre Stones


Choosing the perfect centre stone for your ring could not be easier. Our centre stone options are Free Moissanite, Lab-created diamond or Mined diamond. Just click the option you want - the price will automatically change – and Add to Cart.

Moissanite - Free with every purchase

MOISSANITE is a top quality diamond alternative, made from silicon carbide, which has almost identical durability and sparkle to diamonds. We include our Moissanite COMPLETELY FREE as part of our mission to make our designer engagement rings affordable for everyone who loves them – including those whose budget might not accommodate a diamond centre stone.

Moissanite sparkles beautifully, and thanks to its hardness is a great long-term option, as well as being a great choice for those on a budget who might wish to upgrade to a diamond later.

DiamondFoundry ® Lab-Created Diamonds

Our LAB-CREATED diamonds are an amazing alternative to mined diamonds, typically costing 30% less, offering a great way to get a larger stone for the same budget. We are delighted to offer DiamondFoundry ® Lab-Created Diamonds, individually grown from diamond ‘seeds’ using the latest technology in sunny California. All our Lab-created diamonds are H SI quality (unless you wish to custom order a different quality), and are IGI-certified genuine diamonds, identical to mined diamonds in every way, except grown in a laboratory instead of the ground.

Certified Diamonds

All our MINED centre diamonds are H SI quality (unless you wish to custom order a different quality), and are hand-selected by our Diamond Consultant experts. Each stone comes with a GIA or a MaeVona Certificate and is guaranteed conflict-free.

All accent diamonds are H SI quality to match the centre stones. If you want a finger size, centre stone size, metal type or diamond quality that is not listed, YES we can do it! We can also accommodate your heirloom stone, or find you a special coloured gemstone. Just contact us for more details.


Find your perfect Diamond

Use our interactive tool below to browse through a range of Diamond shapes and Sizes and decide what would be perfect for your hand.