Our Lifetime Guarantee

maevona lifetime guarantee

MaeVona’s Lifetime Guarantee gives you complete peace of mind. We stand behind every ring we make with a complete warranty against all and any manufacturing defects as long as it has not been re-sized or repaired at another jewellers. We highly recommend if you need your ring sized or your centre stone reset, contact us for the best recommendation to maintain your ring’s quality standards.

In caring for your MaeVona jewellery, simple common sense is all that’s needed! Wearing your ring when in contact with harsh chemicals, during extreme activities, outdoor sports etc should be avoided; strong perfumes, lotions or hairspray can corrode the alloys used in jewellery. When bathing or swimming always remove your jewellery. Jewellery should always be properly stored and maintained regularly to prevent scratches and chipped stones.

Ring Resizing

In the unlikely event that your chosen ring doesn't quite fit we can offer a ring sizing assessment for you to ensure it can be worn comfortably. 

Reducing the ring size: This is the easiest form of re-sizing by removing the excess metal at the base of the ring, soldering the ring back together and polishing the surface to make the join seamless. You will never know it was even re-sized. 

Increasing the ring size: We can stretch a ring quite comfortable by 1/2 a size or 1 size at a push dependant on the ring style. If we need to increase the size more than this we will need to cut the ring and add extra lengths of the same type of metal in to increase its size. We will then solder the ring joints and polish to a perfect finish. Multi stone rings and pave set shanks are much harder to re-size up without causing some weakness to the ring structure so we might have to consider re-making the ring if we feel it could cause too much damage. A quote for this will be provided. 

Costs for Resizing

    • Resize down to make smaller  / £75 + £14 p&p (tracked and insured) 
    • Resize up by 1/2 to 1 size / £75 + £14 p&p (tracked and insured) 
    • Resize up by 2-3 sizes  / £95 + £14 p&p (tracked and insured) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact MaeVona Customer Service anytime, at info@maevona.co.uk or +44 (0) 1983 567283